• USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt

USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt


Our USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt is a fantastic tool for staying safe in dark or low-visibility environments - perfect for personal and commercial use! Offering 360 degrees of visibility with double the power: reflects oncoming light while also emitting a powerful LED light too. Wear it around your waist, across your shoulder or around your backpack - the options are endless! With comfortable, easy to fit elastic construction, this belt is designed to fit the whole family. It is perfect for professions where visibility is paramount - law enforcement, airport personnel, roadside safety and construction to name a few!

Personal use of the USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt  could include: 

- Stay safe while exercising at night, running, walking or cycling!

- Use on your pram or stroller while walking with children

- Attach to your child's backpack while walking to school

- Attach to your dog while walking at night

Commercial use of the USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt could include:

- Increased visibility for your night time roadwork crew

- Instant identification for low visibility guarding or policing units

- Easy location of evening event/concert staff/security

- Camp leaders, scout group leaders, training staff on night duty

Features of the USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt include:

- 2 hour charge time

- Standard USB cable fits with NZ ports for easy charging

- Easy swith between flashing mode for longer battery life, and

- Solid light mode for increased visibility

- Choice of red or yellow colours

- Easy to adjust length, fits all sizes!

- Rechargeable battery with long-lasting life of up to 50 hours

- Lightweight, sturdy and durable

- Visible from up to 300 metres away

Be seen, be safe with the USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt!