• Microlene Benchtop Filter

Microlene Bench Top Water Filter Kit - Rural


Features & Benefits:

- Full plumbing kit to ensure fast and dependable installation

- Long lasting purifier modules are simple and fast to replace

- KDF media can last up to three times longer than standard carbon filters

- Purified water is delivered through a high quality polished chrome tap

- Microlene purifiers reduce unwanted comtaminants including:

- Chlorine

- Pesticides

- Sulphur

- Sediment

- Rust

- Algae

- Odours

- Unpleasant tastes

- Asbestos

- Aluminum

- Lead

- Giardia

- Cryptosporidium

Filterpure cartridge filter housings provide safe and durable containers for your choice of cartridge filter element.

Filterpure housings are ideal for treating:

- Mains water

- Rain water

- Dam water

- Ground water

Features & Benefits:

- NSF approval for your safety and peace of mind.

- High pressure ratings of 850 kPa for durability.

- A range of sizes and plumbing options for simple installation.

- Pressure release valves on larger models.

- Wall mounting brackets for secure installation and easy element changes.