• Hansen Medium Density Tapping Saddle

Hansen Medium Density Tapping Saddle

  • The spigot guarantees correct placement onto the pipe and security of seal
    • The hinge opens past 180° allowing fast and easy installation in any situation

    • The hinge allows the saddle to remain as one piece which prevents loss and contamination of parts in the trench

    • The custom seal with spigots guarantees correct seal placement, a visible check of correct installation with a superior seal

    • The bolt stays fixed to the body ensuring quick and easy installation and no lost parts

    • The pilot hole in the base ensures correct hole placement

    • Designed and manufactured with extra bolt holes on the larger sized saddles for peace of mind

    • Common Stainless Steel M8 bolt on all sizes means only one tool required

    • Packaging has all the information required for ease of purchase i.e. pipe size & type, thread DN, hole saw size etc

    • Strong Compact Design Manufactured from strong, non-corrosive UV stabilised materials for a long life