• Hansen Barrell Union

Hansen Barrel Union


Designed to enable Quick Connect/Disconnect around Pumps, Tanks, Dairy Sheds, Industry and Irrigation.

  • Flat face for easy slip down action
  • A simple alternative for your pipe work installations around pumps, tanks, dairy sheds, industry and irrigation. Features an easy to uninstall slip down action.
  • Fittings provide flexibility and versatility for new and existing installations, saving on time and money.
  • Precision Heavy Duty Tapered Threads give a Strong Reliable Seal.
  • Materials strong enough to minimise potential cross threading.
  • Manufactured from a Raw Material Approved For Use With Portable (drinkable) Water.
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon giving a weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance