• Davey Filterpure Poly Pleated Filter

Filterpure Poly Pleated Jumbo 10" Cartridge 20 Micron


Filterpure Poly Pleated cartridge elements are ideal for reduction or removal of sediment and dirt from your drinking water. These elements have a dirt holding capacity up to 7 times higher than old fashioned rope wound elements. The elements are also easily washed for repeated reuse.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easily washed for repeated reuse saving you money
  • Designed for high flow rates to improve water pressure and flow
  • High dirt holding capacity designs to last longer between cleaning intervals
  • Ideal as pretreatment for Poly Spun elements and UV treatment systems.

Polyester Pleated replacement cartridge – 20PP10J 10” Jumbo 20 micron 100 litres/min maximum flow rate 6 month life. Large surface type filtration. Pleated cartridges can typically be washed and used a few times. Highly efficient filter cartridges made of pleated media for low pressure drop, high flow capability, increased dirt removal, long filter runs.