Redbands: The best quality gumboots for the farm, for the home and for Winter!

When it comes to gumboots, you can’t do better than Redbands. Since their creation in 1958, these iconic boots have graced the feet of many New Zealanders. Their quality and hard-wearing reputation have stood the test of time. As Fred Dag famously sang, “If it weren’t for your gumboots, where would ya be?”

Wet Weather Non-Slip Gumboots

As the ground gets wetter, other footwear can become impractical. Even walking out to the washing line can be a muddy affair! Most of us reach for a pair of gumboots at this time of year, but not all gumboots are alike. Many, cheaper gumboots have shallow treads which can be dangerous on wet ground. Redbands are the best option as their deep tread means they are less likely to slip and slide in the mud.

Out on the Farm Gumboots

Redbands were designed for hard-wearing, daily activities. Their shorter length, rather than just up above the knee, provides freer range of movement for strenuous farming-related tasks.

Gumboots for the School Run

On rainy winter days, the school run can become a soggy affair. Getting in and out of the car, dropping kids off or picking them up, ordinary footwear quickly becomes soaked, cold and uncomfortable. The solution is simple – throw on a pair of Redbands and you will not only stay warm and dry, you’ll be part of a great Kiwi heritage!

Hard-wearing Gumboots for Kids

Do you have a kid who’s always outside? Are you sick of having to buy endless pairs of outdoor footwear, because they’re constantly getting trashed? Did you know that Redbands have a kids’ range of gumboots? Arnold Franks stock the Redband kids’ range with sizes all the way down to 3-year- old size! So, if you have an active, outdoor kid, a pair of Redbands is essential. They can stand up to any treatment a kid can throw at them!

Gumboot storage

If you’re fed up with gumboots strewn across the back deck, caked in mud and in the way, gumboot racks are an invaluable solution. If you’re a crafty or handy person, why not knock up a DIY gumboot rack and scraper? This handy contraption will not only ensure that uninvited critters stay out of your Redbands, it will also help keep boots clean with the scraper and keep them up out of the way.