Greywater Pumps and Greywater Systems

Has your greywater pump given up the ghost? Is your greywater system in need of some serious maintenance, but you’re unsure of how to deal with it?

Come and see us at Arnold Franks - we have all the products you need for maintaining your existing system. Our staff know all there is to know about greywater systems and we are happy to give you advice on how to solve any greywater issues you may have.

Let’s Talk Greywater Pumps

Arnold Franks pride ourselves on selling the best quality products. When it comes to greywater pumps, don’t muck about with cheaper, less reliable pumps. You need a quality pump that’s strong enough to cope with the sheer volume of water which a greywater system has to deal with every day. You also need a pump that will stand the test of time. Over the years we have come to trust one pump above all others – the Davey D42 A/B, multistage submersible pump. Experience has proven this pump to be the best for your greywater system.

Greywater System Maintenance – What you need to know

Like anything else around the home, your greywater system requires on-going maintenance to keep it working efficiently. There are many different systems around, but all of them require the following:

  • Regularly checking the filters. This should be done once a month, to clear away any larger material which has come down your pipes. A blocked filter means that your greywater pump will have to work harder, which means your power bill will be higher!
  • Flushing the valves. These are found on the ends of the purple hoses and require flushing only every few months to ensure they are working as they should.
  • Replacing the purple lines – this is required only when your old pipes start to get past it, and that takes years to happen. But, rest assured, that when it does happen, we have miles of the right pipes to replace your old ones.

Arnold Franks also stock all the other products associated with greywater systems, such as filters, valves and different sizes of pipe and pipe fittings. No matter what your greywater issues or needs, we have the answer!