Which Sprinkler? Make it easy with the Arnold Franks Sprinkler Guide!

Buying sprinklers can be confusing. Let’s be honest – who here really knows the difference between a pop-up sprinkler head and a micro jet?

And do any of us understand the difference in spray coverage required for lawns vs orchards or vegetable gardens? It’s a lot to take in – but here at Arnold Franks, we like to make things as simple as possible, so we’ve put together this handy Sprinkler Guide to help you out.

Sprinkler TypePurposeBest LocationProducts
IMPACTAn impact sprinkler will throw water across bigger distances, while also offering your vegetation a larger volume of water to keep them green.The sheer power of these sprinklers makes them ideal for paddocks and pastoral irrigation, where a wider reach is needed.Eg. RC172 Single Nozzle or Toro Rainspray
MINIThe mini sprinkler is fully compensating, which means it gives a specific flow irrespective of the water pressure.They’re best used for young trees or orchards, where their reach of 4 to 6 metres is perfect. They come with a range limiter, which can be easily removed to increase their reach.Eg. Netafim Supernet
MICRO JETA micro jet will give off a fine spray across a very small diameter, from 40 right through to 360 degrees of range.This makes a micro jet perfect for the home vegie garden, flower beds, small shrub borders and the like.Eg. Antelco (instore only)
POP UPPop ups are a popular choice for the very reason that they pop up out of the ground, allowing lawns to be mowed without interference or the trouble of moving irrigation equipment.The pop up range is perfect for lawns, and they match precipitation at 12mls per hour.Eg. MP 1000 Rotator
MISTERMisters are, as the name suggests, very fine misting sprinklers designed to keep greenery moist.Perfect for indoor settings such as greenhouses and glasshouses, these will maintain an even, moist setting for propagating seedlings – just don’t place them anywhere with wind, as the fine mist won’t even make it to the ground!Instore only
DRIPPERDrippers offer point source irrigation for specific plants. These are highly water-efficient, and are perfect for orchards where specific trees or shrubs may need constant care.Certain fruiting orchards such as kiwifruit or vineyards in particular would benefit from this product.Eg. CETA Compensating Dripper

Shop for sprinklers online or come in to Arnold Franks and get our advice on the best sprinkler for your needs.

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