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Prepare for Drought: Save your Garden!

The NZ summer of 2015/16 looks like it could be one of the four strongest El Niño events ever recorded. Will your garden survive? Prepare for drought!

For those of us who have worked hard in our gardens over the winter and spring months, the approaching summer brings with it a mixed bag of emotions: excitement at finally receiving some decent sunlight hours; and the dread of limited rainfall. By all indications, this summer looks set to be significantly drier than normal, with a strong El Niño pattern setting in and remaining until the end of the summer months. NIWA has predicted a 100% chance of this weather pattern holding – an inevitability. El Niño (which, translated from Spanish, becomes ‘the [Christ] child’) brings with it a reversal of wind patterns across the Pacific – causing unseasonably heavy rains in South America and drought conditions in Australasia. The El Niño pattern often causes widespread destruction; so now is the time to prepare for drought and save your garden.

The first line of defense against a weather pattern such as El Niño is the collection, storage and conservation of water.

drought is comingResidential collection of water

The collection of rainwater (or, as we like to call it: rainwater harvesting) is a simple and extremely effective technique that is gaining in popularity with inner city dwellers. The practice of collecting rainwater is common among rural population in NZ, however urbanites have traditionally relied on city-supplied water, becoming complacent in the availability and ease of a central water supply. With our increasingly frequent dry summers however, even our urban population is starting to realise that collecting the readily-available water from our skies is a smart move – and products have been designed especially for this new urban market.  The collection of rainwater could well be the difference between life and death for many gardens, as water rationing prohibits the use of sprinklers or hoses for domestic use.

When organising your rain harvesting set up, you’ll want to speak to someone who has the knowledge and expertise. You will need some basics to get started, such as 80mm down pipe (assuming you have 80mm diameter piping at your house!) and 80mm elbows to direct the flow. The team at Arnold Franks will be able to advise you on the correct installation and placement of this gear, so be sure to speak with one of the sales staff for more information!

prepare for droughtResidential storage of water

Once you have organised your rain harvesting equipment and set up, you’ll obviously need to have a storage system ready to go! We have a range of rain storage options specifically designed for inner-city or urban dwellers; where space is at a premium. Our urban rainwater collection tanks are compact and are able to easily fit beneath your eaves, behind your garage or at the side of your house. We sell all of the required accessories in-store and online, and we are even able to offer delivery should you be unable to collect: rain harvesting has never been simpler!

Small Water Tanks

Bailey Slimline Tank

Starting at 1,000 litres, this tank is perfect for the urban water-collecting household. Available in a range of colours, up to a size of 5,000 litres and featuring a distinctive, modern appearance. This is one of the narrowest tanks on the market, making it an unobtrusive option for inner-city or urban living. View all slimline tanks…

Bailey small capacity tanks

Our smaller capacity tanks are available in 425 litre and 900 litre sizes, making them a fantastic urban rainwater storage option. They are easily manoeuvred into place, starting at an empty weight of less than 13kgs. These are durable, well-manufactured using quality materials, and very affordable! View all small capacity tanks…

Safeguard your garden with the collection of rainwater and beat the drought this summer.

For more information about any of the products mentioned in this article, contact us at Arnold Franks – we’re always ready to help!

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