Irrigation Design: do it right the first time!

Summer’s on the way – time to start thinking about your irrigation layout!

Whether for home gardens or commercial use, your irrigation design needs to be smart and well-thought-out, so here at Arnold Franks we thought we’d give you a hand. We’re good like that.


Residential irrigation design

Residential Irrigation Design

For those of us who enjoy lush, green gardens throughout the summer months (let’s not mention the soggy winter we’ve just been through), an irrigation design is imperative. If you’re thinking that a simple DIY hose-with-holes affair will do the trick, you may want to think again: research shows that not only do these jury-rigged irrigation stop-gaps end up costing you more in the long run (plants not thriving, excessive water usage, replacement hoses and fittings each season) but they’re also highly ineffective. No, what you need is a simple irrigation system that will suit your unique needs, that won’t cost the earth, that’s easy to maintain and control, and that will use minimum water at a crucial water-conscious time of year. Arnold Franks are happy to offer you a free home irrigation design template – but even better than that, the friendly team instore are also happy to talk over your home irrigation plans free of charge. Simply come on in and mention home irrigation design to one of our helpful team, and our in-house expert will take the time to design a plan that you can walk away with – we’ll even talk you through the many different home irrigation products available and their uses. No obligation, no fuss, just good old-fashioned expertise!

Commercial Irrigation Design

Commercial Irrigation Design

If you are the owner of a larger block of land with commercial irrigation needs, Arnold Franks are the team to see. We offer a free onsite commercial irrigation design consult with our irrigation design experts – we will not only discuss the best placement for your irrigation system, but we are also able to give you a great rundown on all of the differing commercial irrigation products that are available today. We know irrigation, and we know what will work best for your crops, pastures or orchards, your land, your soil type and your needs. We are able to give you unbiased information on how to future-proof your irrigation design so that your growing orchards won’t disrupt your lines in 5 or 10 years’ time. We are able to suggest the best irrigation design features to ensure maximum yield from your produce crops, and we are certainly able to provide experienced, knowledgeable advice on irrigation for optimum pasture care. Professional irrigation design is an investment in your property, crops, orchards and pastures, and will see you reaping the benefits for many years to come!

Looking for expert irrigation design advice? Contact our friendly team at Arnold Franks!

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