Greywater Pumps and Greywater Systems

Has your greywater pump given up the ghost? Is your greywater system in need of some serious maintenance, but you’re unsure of how to deal with it?

Come and see us at Arnold Franks – we have all the products you need for maintaining your existing system. Our staff know all there is to know about greywater systems and we are happy to give you advice on how to solve any greywater issues you may have.

greywater pumps

Let’s Talk Greywater Pumps

Arnold Franks pride ourselves on selling the best quality products. When it comes to greywater pumps, don’t muck about with cheaper, less reliable pumps. You need a quality pump that’s strong enough to cope with the sheer volume of water which a greywater system has to deal with every day. You also need a pump that will stand the test of time. Over the years we have come to trust one pump above all others – the Davey D42 A/B, multistage submersible pump. Experience has proven this pump to be the best for your greywater system.

Greywater System Maintenance – What you need to know

Like anything else around the home, your greywater system requires on-going maintenance to keep it working efficiently. There are many different systems around, but all of them require the following:

  • Regularly checking the filters. This should be done once a month, to clear away any larger material which has come down your pipes. A blocked filter means that your greywater pump will have to work harder, which means your power bill will be higher!
  • Flushing the valves. These are found on the ends of the purple hoses and require flushing only every few months to ensure they are working as they should.
  • Replacing the purple lines – this is required only when your old pipes start to get past it, and that takes years to happen. But, rest assured, that when it does happen, we have miles of the right pipes to replace your old ones.

Arnold Franks also stock all the other products associated with greywater systems, such as filters, valves and different sizes of pipe and pipe fittings. No matter what your greywater issues or needs, we have the answer!


Redbands: The best quality gumboots for the farm, for the home and for Winter!

When it comes to gumboots, you can’t do better than Redbands. Since their creation in 1958, these iconic boots have graced the feet of many New Zealanders. Their quality and hard-wearing reputation have stood the test of time. As Fred Dag famously sang, “If it weren’t for your gumboots, where would ya be?”

red bands best quality gumboots

Browse Red Bands in our online shop…

Wet Weather Non-Slip Gumboots

As the ground gets wetter, other footwear can become impractical. Even walking out to the washing line can be a muddy affair! Most of us reach for a pair of gumboots at this time of year, but not all gumboots are alike. Many, cheaper gumboots have shallow treads which can be dangerous on wet ground. Redbands are the best option as their deep tread means they are less likely to slip and slide in the mud.

red-bands-holeproofOut on the Farm Gumboots

Redbands were designed for hard-wearing, daily activities. Their shorter length, rather than just up above the knee, provides freer range of movement for strenuous farming-related tasks.

Gumboots for the School Run

On rainy winter days, the school run can become a soggy affair. Getting in and out of the car, dropping kids off or picking them up, ordinary footwear quickly becomes soaked, cold and uncomfortable. The solution is simple – throw on a pair of Redbands and you will not only stay warm and dry, you’ll be part of a great Kiwi heritage!

gumboot_childrensHard-wearing Gumboots for Kids

Do you have a kid who’s always outside? Are you sick of having to buy endless pairs of outdoor footwear, because they’re constantly getting trashed? Did you know that Redbands have a kids’ range of gumboots? Arnold Franks stock the Redband kids’ range with sizes all the way down to 3-year- old size! So, if you have an active, outdoor kid, a pair of Redbands is essential. They can stand up to any treatment a kid can throw at them!

diy gumboot rackGumboot storage

If you’re fed up with gumboots strewn across the back deck, caked in mud and in the way, gumboot racks are an invaluable solution. If you’re a crafty or handy person, why not knock up a DIY gumboot rack and scraper? This handy contraption will not only ensure that uninvited critters stay out of your Redbands, it will also help keep boots clean with the scraper and keep them up out of the way.

View this DIY gumboot rack and scraper tutorial…

Best Quality Gumboots

Get the whole family fitted out with Redbands for Winter this year – pop on in to Arnold Franks today. We have a pair of Redbands for every Kiwi.

Essential Garden Tools: The Arnold Franks TOP TWO List!

When it comes to working outdoors, you’ll find garden tools for every possible use – but are they all really necessary?

Or are you simply filling your garden shed with more clutter than a back-street jumble sale? We take a look at a few of the items you really need in your shed this season, and we offer our top two for quality and price!

Spades and rakes, rakes and spades

Ah yes – the humble spade and rake combo. No kiwi garden can survive without them, and they’re prolific in any warehouse or garden store worth it’s salt. But which ones to choose? Here are our top two tried and true quality spades and rakes that won’t let you down.

  1. Xcel RakeXCEL 14 Tooth Rake

This is a great basic rake that just gets the job done and will go the distance without a fuss. There are no bells and whistles, but you won’t be rushing off to buy a new rake in a year’s time either. This is a well-known and trusted brand, and we’ve never had a customer return one yet!

  1. Xcel SpadeXCEL Forged Steel Garden Spade

The forged steel makes this spade strong, reliable and attractive, while the comfortable D-handle offers a soft yet heavy-duty grip. We love the fact that this spade is perfect for most garden uses, yet carries a price tag that makes it affordable for all. A great buy!

Hose it down

What’s a garden without water? We all need a good hose in our lives, and to be honest with a hose you usually get what you pay for! Here’s our choice for the top 2 hoses in store: they’re a great deal, and they’re built to last!

  1. Helix-pro-series-20mtr-500x650Superflex 12mm x 30m

This hose will keep your garden watered for many years to come. It’s excellent UV resistance will shelter it from the harshest rays, and the PVC/Polyester yarn blend gives it a high tensile strength you need to see to believe.

  1. Pro Series Helix Ultra Coil 20m

The King Kong of garden hoses, this baby is self-retracting, with a handy lock & rewind mechanism that makes watering less of a strain on the arms! It’s mounted in a weather-resistant fully UV stabilised case, which comes with an optional 180 degree swivel mount. If you love your garden, this is the hose for you!

Wheelbarrows, the gardener’s delight

Take the strain off your back and the weeds away from your garden with the good old kiwi wheelbarrow! You’ll never know how much you rely on them until your trusty barrow breaks down – so here are the top 2 picks from our hard-wearing stock!

  1. wheelbarrow-contractor02Greens Poly Contractor Wheelbarrow

Don’t let the name fool you, this is may be a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, but it’s so light and easy to handle that it makes an ideal garden barrow too. It’s simply built to contractor standard – which is a good thing in anyone’s books!

  1. Greens Ezipour Wheelbarrow

This is a fantastic addition to your gardening toolbox: it’s a standard-tray wheelbarrow with one distinct feature: the ezi-pour lip. What a difference this makes when tipping out dirt, sand, or debris! Try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed!

So there you have it, the Arnold Franks TOP TWO for essential garden tools! We’ve personally tried every single one of these products, and we stand by every tool we sell, so you can be sure that when you buy with Arnold Franks, you’re buying with confidence.

On Ya’ Arnold!

Extend the Life of your Garden Hose: 3 handy hints!

Whether you’re in the market for a new garden hose, or whether you’d simply like to show your trusty old hose a bit of love, we’ve put together our top 3 tips for extending the life of your most-used garden accessory: the faithful kiwi garden hose!

1. Invest in a Hose Storage System!

helix ultra coil hoseYes, we know. You’ve just bought a hose – now we’re saying you need to spend MORE money? Surely not! Unfortunately, that is indeed the case. Unless you’ve decided to invest in a self-retracting hose such as the Pro-Series Helix Ultra Coil (in which case, hats off to you, that’s one fantastic purchase!) you will certainly be needing some form of hose reel or caddy system to manage those unruly coils. While we understand that many people simply loop their hose coils over the outdoor tap, or are more than happy to push their hose under the deck, the reality is that this can significantly increase the risk of damage to the hose integrity.

Lawn mowers, dogs, children playing, cars, garden shears and even the thoughtless placement of outdoor furniture – there are many ways your humble hose can be damaged in the average kiwi backyard.

Don’t let your hose become a statistic – invest in a free-standing reel or wall-mounted storage system today!

2. Keep your Hose in the Shade

This might seem like common sense, however many people seem to forget that the sun moves… and what may seem like a shady resting spot for your watering buddy will in fact become a blistering oven in the afternoon! You may never even notice, however your hose’s longevity will be severely affected by repeated and prolonged exposure to our harsh southern hemisphere sunlight.

Of course, even hoses nicely stored on a reel can be weathered by the sun, so be sure to place any free-standing or uncovered reel storage systems as far in the shade as possible. Rubber hoses are more resistant to our strong UV rays than the cheaper vinyl ones, but the trade-off is that rubber is more expensive, and a lot heavier!

A good middle option is a vinyl-rubber mix, combining the lightness of the vinyl with the more durable aspects of the rubber. You’ll also find them easier on your wallet – always welcome news!

3. A Kink-Free Hose is a Happy Hose

Kinked Garden HoseIt’s so easy to unknowingly kink your garden hose – whether through poor storage, mishandling, or accident, a kink here and there is sure to occur. It’s not the worst thing that can happen to your hose, however it can reduce the lifespan significantly should it become a regular occurrence!

One of the most common kinking moments is when water flow needs to be stopped urgently – for this reason, we strongly suggest investing in a good quality hose nozzle, allowing you to stop your water flow immediately, without resorting to the hose-damaging kink! We also suggest coiling your hose while full of water, as this can help to avoid kinks forming while stored.

For more handy hose hints, and for all your gardening accessories, ask the friendly team at Arnold Franks – ready to help and always on hand!

Which Sprinkler? Make it easy with the Arnold Franks Sprinkler Guide!

Buying sprinklers can be confusing. Let’s be honest – who here really knows the difference between a pop-up sprinkler head and a micro jet?

And do any of us understand the difference in spray coverage required for lawns vs orchards or vegetable gardens? It’s a lot to take in – but here at Arnold Franks, we like to make things as simple as possible, so we’ve put together this handy Sprinkler Guide to help you out.

Sprinkler TypePurposeBest LocationProducts
IMPACTAn impact sprinkler will throw water across bigger distances, while also offering your vegetation a larger volume of water to keep them green.The sheer power of these sprinklers makes them ideal for paddocks and pastoral irrigation, where a wider reach is needed.Eg. RC172 Single Nozzle or Toro Rainspray
MINIThe mini sprinkler is fully compensating, which means it gives a specific flow irrespective of the water pressure.They’re best used for young trees or orchards, where their reach of 4 to 6 metres is perfect. They come with a range limiter, which can be easily removed to increase their reach.Eg. Netafim Supernet
MICRO JETA micro jet will give off a fine spray across a very small diameter, from 40 right through to 360 degrees of range.This makes a micro jet perfect for the home vegie garden, flower beds, small shrub borders and the like.Eg. Antelco (instore only)
POP UPPop ups are a popular choice for the very reason that they pop up out of the ground, allowing lawns to be mowed without interference or the trouble of moving irrigation equipment.The pop up range is perfect for lawns, and they match precipitation at 12mls per hour.Eg. MP 1000 Rotator
MISTERMisters are, as the name suggests, very fine misting sprinklers designed to keep greenery moist.Perfect for indoor settings such as greenhouses and glasshouses, these will maintain an even, moist setting for propagating seedlings – just don’t place them anywhere with wind, as the fine mist won’t even make it to the ground!Instore only
DRIPPERDrippers offer point source irrigation for specific plants. These are highly water-efficient, and are perfect for orchards where specific trees or shrubs may need constant care.Certain fruiting orchards such as kiwifruit or vineyards in particular would benefit from this product.Eg. CETA Compensating Dripper

Shop for sprinklers online or come in to Arnold Franks and get our advice on the best sprinkler for your needs.

Sand Filter Troubleshooting: keep your pool clean this summer!

Using a sand filter to keep your pool in top shape is a smart choice: not only are sand filters simple to use, but quite often when things go pear shaped, there’s an equally simple solution!

Here’s our simple troubleshooting guide to some of the most common sand filter problems.

My sand filter isn’t keeping my pool water clean

First of all, is the pump still circulating water into your pool? If the answer is yes, then we need to know if it’s a strong flow or a trickle: if the answer is a strong flow, then it would appear that the pump is in actual fact doing what it’s supposed to do, and that the answer may lie in how often you are backwashing (cleaning) your sand filter. Believe it or not, backwashing your sand filter too frequently will reduce the efficacy of the filtration process, as a dirty sand filter cleans best! As contrary as this may sound, it’s absolutely true. You will still need to backwash your sand filter, however the key indication for when this is needed is the amount of water being circulated. When your circulation slows down to a slow trickle, then it’s time to backwash your sand filter!

Sand or dirt is coming into my pool through the pump

This could well be a sign that you may have a broken lateral. The lateral arms are located at the base of your sand filter, and are the sections of your filter that collect the filtered water for circulation into your pool. If one of these lateral arms have been broken, then the filtered water will be circulated into your pool along with sand, dirt and grit. Another possibility could be that the sand is being worn down and may need to be replaced (the smoother, finer particles may come through the filter) or perhaps it’s even possible that the wrong grade of sand has been added. Rougher, sharper-edged sand traps dirt better, which is why it’s a good idea to replace your filter sand about every 4-5 years, but be sure to use the right kind of sand! See the next question…

Sand Filter

I opened my filter to check it, and even after a backwash everything is dirty and full of gunge.

This could mean that you have very old sand and a very dirty filter! No amount of backwashing will clear out an old dirty filter, at this point you have a couple of options. You could try cleaning the existing sand by running a garden hose on a low flow into the sand, allowing the scum and dirt to overflow, but keeping the sand in the filter. Or, you could opt to remove and replace the sand in your filter. And yes! You can do this yourself! Just be sure to dig carefully, keeping a careful eye on the floating lateral arms at the base of your sand filter. You can use a garden hose to flush out the last few particles. Give the inside of your filter a good scrub clean, then simply add pool filtration sand – NOT regular beach or play sand! – to the clean filter. Be sure to add this sand slowly and carefully, under and around the lateral arms so that they are well supported.

My pump has stopped running altogether, or is refusing to prime

Again, there could be a number of reasons why this has happened, but a common problem can be air trapped in your filter. If this is the case, you will need to bleed the air out: this can be more complicated and may require the services of a professional: especially if it is a recurring issue! That could indicate that you have an air leak in your pool around the pump intake or somewhere along the pipelines or valves.  Common air leak locations include the pump intake, the pump discharge, the jandy valve o-rings and the pump lid o-rings.

For more information on sand filters, and to check whether a sand filter is the right choice for you, contact our friendly team at Arnold Franks.

On Ya’ Arnold!


Christmas Gift Guide from Arnold Franks – For everything you thought they didn’t have!

To celebrate the most magical season of the year, the helpful team here at Arnold Franks have put together a handy Christmas Gift Guide, featuring some great ideas for the garden, the home, and the great outdoors!

So settle in and get comfortable: if it’s Christmas gifts you’re after, the Arnold Franks Christmas Gift Guide has everything you need – and more!

Download our Christmas Gift Guide

For the Garden

Everyone knows someone who loves their garden – and I mean REALLY loves their garden! These people are easy to find fantastic gifts for, as here at Arnold Franks we’re big garden lovers too. We’ve collected a few of our top-sellers to showcase, but remember there’s plenty more for the garden lovers in your family right here in store.

The Contractor Wheelbarrow

Say goodbye to bent handles, flat tires, cracked trays and wonky wheels: ‘The Contractor’ is one wheelbarrow to rule them all! This is a simply superior wheelbarrow, featuring all of the quality trademarks you’d expect from a Greens product. Not only will this little red beauty last longer, but she’ll work harder too – there’s even a warranty to prove it. These barrows are designed and assembled in NZ, so if you’re looking for the best, your search is over!

wheelbarrow-contractorThe Contractor Wheelbarrow features:

  • Bolt Free Seamless Tray
  • No Rust Frame
  • Tough Steel Construction
  • Superior Balance and Control

Guaranteed to make the garden-lover in your family extra happy this Christmas: take a closer look here.

Helix Ultra Coil Pro Series Hose

For the person who has everything, the Helix Ultra Coil Pro Series hose is a sure-fire Christmas winner. This is the ultimate hose set up; it makes reaching your thirsty garden easier than ever, and you’ll never be faced with a knotted or kinked hose again! This wonder hose features the latest and greatest in self-layering hose systems, including:

  • Helix Pro Series Ultra Coil 20mtr waterAuto lock & rewind system
  • Heavy-duty mounting bracket offering a fixed or180 degree swivel access
  • High-impact tough and durable polypropylene construction
  • Fully weather-resistant and UV-stabilised outer case
  • Brass fittings and trigger nozzle
  • 2 metre length leader hose as standard
  • Convenient heavy-duty top-mounted carrying handle
  • Adjustable hose-stopper

View the Helix Ultra Coil Pro Series Hose online or come in and have a play with our demo set up in store!

425 Litre Tank

Dean Martin may have been singing for snow, but I think we’ll all be singing ‘Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain’ this Christmas! And if it does sprinkle a few drops to break the drought, you’ll be wishing you’d put one of these wee beauties under your tree. The Bailey 425 litre tank is a perfect size for catching the rain and using it as a back-up for your garden; it’s small enough to fit comfortably in urban settings, and big enough to make a significant difference to whether your beans live or die this summer.

  • Bailey Tank 425 LitreTough, lightweight polyethylene plastic
  • Crack, fade and rust-resistant
  • One-piece construction
  • UV-stabilised
  • Free from leeching or osmosis
  • Algae-inhibiting

Every Bailey tank we sell comes with the famous Bailey no-nonsense quality and performance warranty – see our full range here.

For the Home

For your less green-fingered family and friends, you may want to consider one of Arnold Franks’ handy around-the-home gifts. We’ve thought long and hard about what your loved ones might enjoy, and here are our top picks for the festive season.

Water Filters

Give the gift of clean drinking water this Christmas, with a bench top or under-bench water filter kit from Arnold Franks! We stock a range of water filter kits that come with everything you need to plumb them in straight from the box.

Microlene-Under-Water-bench-filters-500x500Microlene purifiers reduce unwanted contaminants including:

  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Sulphur
  • Sediment
  • Rust
  • Algae
  • Odours
  • Unpleasant tastes
  • Asbestos
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Giardia
  • Cryptosporidium

So give the gift of good health – take a look online or in-store for more information!

Red Band Jandals

Red Band JandalsWhat’s Christmas without your jandals? If you’re a true blue kiwi, then you’ll be wanting to give a true-blue kiwi gift – and it doesn’t get much more kiwi than Red Band jandals. We’re big fans of the brand here at Arnold Franks, they’re stronger, more comfortable, and, well, just a good honest jandal! We’ve got them instore and online, for kids and adults – so if you’re wanting to give the most practical gift this Christmas, take a look at our range of Red Band gumboots and – wait for it – Red Bandals.

Jerry Cans

Yes, the good ol’ jerry can. A staple of any man’s garage, the jerry can is seldom thought of until it’s too late! We’ve got a great selection here at Arnold Franks, so take a look and give him something he can really use this Christmas!

For the Great Outdoors

It’s always a bit tricky buying for the active person: you need to know their sports, their hobbies, their needs and wants. Stop! We’ve got you covered with these 3 handy gift ideas:

Ratchet Tie Downs

Sounds like a strange idea at first, but who hasn’t needed a tie down every now and again, gone for a look in the garage only to realise they’d never thought to buy any! It’s something we all need, and we never think to buy until it’s too late. Be that friend.

USB Rechargeable Belt

Shine like your very own Christmas tree with our USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt! A fantastic tool for staying safe in dark or low-visibility environments, this is the perfect gift for your active buddy.

  • USB Rechargeable Reflective Belt360 degrees of visibility
  • Double the power: reflects oncoming light while also emitting a powerful LED light
  • Wear it around your waist, across your shoulder or around your backpack
  • 2 hour charge time
  • USB charger
  • Switch between solid and flashing light modes
  • Adjustable length to fit all sizes

Exide Marine Battery

And finally, one for the boaties. Yes, there’s always a keen boatie in the family, and now’s your chance to show them how much you care. With an Exide marine battery, you can be sure you’re purchasing a reliable, quality battery that will stand up and deliver when it’s needed the most. Perfect for providing a reliable start, or for powering other accessories on your boat.

Need some more inspiration? Why not give us a call, we’re always happy to help!

On Ya’ Arnold

Prepare for Drought: Save your Garden!

The NZ summer of 2015/16 looks like it could be one of the four strongest El Niño events ever recorded. Will your garden survive? Prepare for drought!

For those of us who have worked hard in our gardens over the winter and spring months, the approaching summer brings with it a mixed bag of emotions: excitement at finally receiving some decent sunlight hours; and the dread of limited rainfall. By all indications, this summer looks set to be significantly drier than normal, with a strong El Niño pattern setting in and remaining until the end of the summer months. NIWA has predicted a 100% chance of this weather pattern holding – an inevitability. El Niño (which, translated from Spanish, becomes ‘the [Christ] child’) brings with it a reversal of wind patterns across the Pacific – causing unseasonably heavy rains in South America and drought conditions in Australasia. The El Niño pattern often causes widespread destruction; so now is the time to prepare for drought and save your garden.

The first line of defense against a weather pattern such as El Niño is the collection, storage and conservation of water.

drought is comingResidential collection of water

The collection of rainwater (or, as we like to call it: rainwater harvesting) is a simple and extremely effective technique that is gaining in popularity with inner city dwellers. The practice of collecting rainwater is common among rural population in NZ, however urbanites have traditionally relied on city-supplied water, becoming complacent in the availability and ease of a central water supply. With our increasingly frequent dry summers however, even our urban population is starting to realise that collecting the readily-available water from our skies is a smart move – and products have been designed especially for this new urban market.  The collection of rainwater could well be the difference between life and death for many gardens, as water rationing prohibits the use of sprinklers or hoses for domestic use.

When organising your rain harvesting set up, you’ll want to speak to someone who has the knowledge and expertise. You will need some basics to get started, such as 80mm down pipe (assuming you have 80mm diameter piping at your house!) and 80mm elbows to direct the flow. The team at Arnold Franks will be able to advise you on the correct installation and placement of this gear, so be sure to speak with one of the sales staff for more information!

prepare for droughtResidential storage of water

Once you have organised your rain harvesting equipment and set up, you’ll obviously need to have a storage system ready to go! We have a range of rain storage options specifically designed for inner-city or urban dwellers; where space is at a premium. Our urban rainwater collection tanks are compact and are able to easily fit beneath your eaves, behind your garage or at the side of your house. We sell all of the required accessories in-store and online, and we are even able to offer delivery should you be unable to collect: rain harvesting has never been simpler!

Small Water Tanks

Bailey Slimline Tank

Starting at 1,000 litres, this tank is perfect for the urban water-collecting household. Available in a range of colours, up to a size of 5,000 litres and featuring a distinctive, modern appearance. This is one of the narrowest tanks on the market, making it an unobtrusive option for inner-city or urban living. View all slimline tanks…

Bailey small capacity tanks

Our smaller capacity tanks are available in 425 litre and 900 litre sizes, making them a fantastic urban rainwater storage option. They are easily manoeuvred into place, starting at an empty weight of less than 13kgs. These are durable, well-manufactured using quality materials, and very affordable! View all small capacity tanks…

Safeguard your garden with the collection of rainwater and beat the drought this summer.

For more information about any of the products mentioned in this article, contact us at Arnold Franks – we’re always ready to help!

On Ya’ Arnold!


Irrigation Design: do it right the first time!

Summer’s on the way – time to start thinking about your irrigation layout!

Whether for home gardens or commercial use, your irrigation design needs to be smart and well-thought-out, so here at Arnold Franks we thought we’d give you a hand. We’re good like that.


Residential irrigation design

Residential Irrigation Design

For those of us who enjoy lush, green gardens throughout the summer months (let’s not mention the soggy winter we’ve just been through), an irrigation design is imperative. If you’re thinking that a simple DIY hose-with-holes affair will do the trick, you may want to think again: research shows that not only do these jury-rigged irrigation stop-gaps end up costing you more in the long run (plants not thriving, excessive water usage, replacement hoses and fittings each season) but they’re also highly ineffective. No, what you need is a simple irrigation system that will suit your unique needs, that won’t cost the earth, that’s easy to maintain and control, and that will use minimum water at a crucial water-conscious time of year. Arnold Franks are happy to offer you a free home irrigation design template – but even better than that, the friendly team instore are also happy to talk over your home irrigation plans free of charge. Simply come on in and mention home irrigation design to one of our helpful team, and our in-house expert will take the time to design a plan that you can walk away with – we’ll even talk you through the many different home irrigation products available and their uses. No obligation, no fuss, just good old-fashioned expertise!

Commercial Irrigation Design

Commercial Irrigation Design

If you are the owner of a larger block of land with commercial irrigation needs, Arnold Franks are the team to see. We offer a free onsite commercial irrigation design consult with our irrigation design experts – we will not only discuss the best placement for your irrigation system, but we are also able to give you a great rundown on all of the differing commercial irrigation products that are available today. We know irrigation, and we know what will work best for your crops, pastures or orchards, your land, your soil type and your needs. We are able to give you unbiased information on how to future-proof your irrigation design so that your growing orchards won’t disrupt your lines in 5 or 10 years’ time. We are able to suggest the best irrigation design features to ensure maximum yield from your produce crops, and we are certainly able to provide experienced, knowledgeable advice on irrigation for optimum pasture care. Professional irrigation design is an investment in your property, crops, orchards and pastures, and will see you reaping the benefits for many years to come!

Looking for expert irrigation design advice? Contact our friendly team at Arnold Franks!

On Ya’ Arnold

Top irrigation products: what’s hot, and why!

The people have spoken! We’ve discovered what the top irrigation products are; and we’ve even found out why: read on to learn more.

So you’re in the market for irrigation products, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for?  Our list of the top 3 most popular irrigation products might be just what you need. We asked our customers what they’re buying and why – and this is what we discovered:

  1. Lateral Pipe

Sounds exciting, right? Available in 13, 16, 19 & 25mm, these pipes are the foundation to any irrigation system worth its salt. These pipes are attached after the water control valve, and end in a sprinkler head or drip system. Lateral pipes allow a controlled water supply to reach your precious plants, and are fully-customisable in length and diameter. This is the kind of thing you don’t find out until you start an irrigation plan, so it’s good to know upfront: lateral pipe is the most essential building block for any sprinkler system or drip-irrigation system layout. As to which diameter size you’ll need – well, the best thing to do there is to ask the professionals! Our team will ask you questions relating to your specific irrigation needs, to help determine your requirements. For more specific information relating to lateral pipes, take a look at this sprinkler tutorial website – you’ll be an expert before you know it!

Drip irrigation

  1. Pressure Compensating Drippers

These little beauties are a fantastic water-saving product. Controlling the flow of your water through to your plants, compensating drippers are typically available in a selection of 2, 4, 8 & 12 litre variants. Delivering a precise amount of water regardless of your existing water pressure, pressure compensating drippers are the ideal choice for those wishing to monitor their water flow. Most of these drippers come with a flexible inner diaphragm, making them effectively self-flushing and removing the risk of plugging. The regularity and consistency provided by these affordable and easy-to-install wee products makes them a sure-fire winner with most irrigation system designs; which is how they’ve easily made it onto our top 3 list!

  1. Microjets and Pop-up heads

Now things are starting to sound a little more exciting, right?! Microjets and pop-up sprinkler heads are highly popular irrigation products designed to spray an area rather than a single plant: making them ideal for nurseries, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, large flower beds and borders and lawns. Because these jets are designed to cover a larger area of plantings, they can be more cost effective to install – but they won’t be as kind on your water supply as the pressure compensating dripper system. You will find the microjets and pop-up heads quicker and easier to install too; and they’re available in a variety of flows and diameters; with spray coverage ranging from 40 degrees right through to 360 degrees. The spray itself can cover up to 5 metres in radius: making these jets an effective broad-range water dispersal system for your thirsty plants!

So there you have it – the most popular irrigation products and their purposes. Please keep in mind however, that filtration is an important feature of your irrigation system: for more information on how to correctly filtrate your irrigation system, contact us here at Arnold Franks!

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